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Underfloor Heating

Our Underfloor Heating Systems

Underfloor heating is energy efficient, convenient and frees up wall space and can add value to your project. It is extremely cost-effective and provides ultimate comfort levels by distributing heat evenly and gently. There are no cold spots and very little heat is wasted.

At Absolute UFH and screed, we specialise in wet underfloor heating systems, as these systems are typically more cost-effective and heat-efficient than electric systems. We offer a range of underfloor heating systems to suit all needs, including new builds, renovations, commercial and industrial projects. We pride ourselves on supplying high quality systems, and an exceptional standard of installation. Our systems are perfect for all heat sources, including gas, oil, biomass and renewable energy heat pumps such as air source and ground source.

We Go The Extra Mile

As part of our complete package, we will take care of everything from the concrete sub-floor upwards, including the installation of damp-proof membrane, full floor preparation and underfloor heating install. The screed will then be pumped, leaving you with a complete floor solution, ready for your floor covering.

By offering a complete floor package, we eliminate the hassle of organising several trades, ensuring your project runs as smoothly as possible. We pride ourselves on supplying high quality systems with an exceptional standard of installation.

Available Heating Options

Traditional System

Suitable for both new build and renovation projects, wet underfloor heating is the most efficient way to provide space heating as it is up to 25% more efficient than traditional radiators. Heat is supplied directly to the floor as radiant heat and distributed evenly, creating a more comfortable environment than the convex air provided by conventional radiators. The systems are cost-effective and free up wall space, to allow extra wall space for room layouts. The systems are low-maintenance and more efficient than electric systems.

Retrofit Overlay System

Ideal for renovations, this system is suitable where it is important to minimise floor build-up height. Most systems can be retro-fitted with your existing sub-floors without the need of excavation, allowing a fast and efficient installation. The systems can be operational within days of installation and also offer quick drying times and a minimal build-up at 22mm.

Plate System

This system uses aluminium diffuser plates and is suitable for suspended floor systems, which is fitted on top of floor joists or battens. The underfloor heating pipe is the installed into the grooves of the plates. This system is the most effective for use with joists, giving direct contact to the floor board, which then gives the maximum heat transfer from your water underfloor heating system, distributing the heat evenly. Insulation is also fitted directly beneath the spreader plate, to allow maximum efficiency and a higher heat output.

CAD Design Service

As part of our complete package, we also offer full underfloor heating CAD designs upon request, with a comprehensive design service with supporting calculation data. This includes pipe layouts only or full designs, including room by room heat loss calculations and outputs, tube lengths, water volumes, kPa calculations and flow rates depending on your requirements. Our experienced installers will then follow this design, when carrying our your underfloor heating system install.

Floor Preparation

DPM & Insulation

As part of our one stop service, we'll take over from your sub-floor and install a the DPM if required, and then lay the insulation, ready for the next stage of the process

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Grid Membrane & Perimeter Expansion

Once the insulation is installed, we'll prepare the floor ready for the screed, fully tanked out with a grid membrane and perimeter expansion edging strip, to allow the screed floor to expand and contract with the underfloor heating system

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